The cuisine of Tunisia - Africa

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The foods of Tunisia

Tunisian cuisine is a blend of Mediterranean and native Punics-Berber cuisines, influenced by various cultures and nations such as Italians, Andalusians, French and Arabs1. Tunisian food is known for its spiciness and use of harissa, a paste of ground chili peppers, garlic, and spices.
Tunisian cuisine is also rich in seafood, meat, olive oil, tomatoes, and a variety of spices and herbs.
Some of the most popular dishes in Tunisian cuisine are:

Couscous: A staple dish made of steamed semolina grains, served with meat, vegetables, and sauce. There are many variations of couscous, such as couscous with fish, couscous with lamb, and couscous with seven vegetables.
Brik: A thin pastry filled with egg, tuna, cheese, parsley, and harissa, then deep-fried until crispy. Brik is usually eaten as a starter or a snack.
Lablabi: A thick soup made of chickpeas, garlic, cumin, harissa, and olive oil, garnished with bread, lemon, olives, and boiled eggs. Lablabi is a popular street food and a comfort food in winter.
Shakshouka: A dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and spices. Shakshouka can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and is often served with bread.
Tajine: A type of quiche or pie made of eggs, cheese, meat, and vegetables, baked in a round dish. Tajine can have different fillings, such as spinach, potatoes, or chicken.
Makroudh: A pastry made of semolina dough, filled with dates or almonds, and fried or baked, then soaked in honey or sugar syrup.
Baklava: A pastry made of thin layers of filo dough, filled with nuts and honey, and cut into diamond-shaped pieces.
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