The cuisine of Mayotte - Africa

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The foods of Mayotte

Mayotte foodrecommendedfor someone who wants Mayotte's local food. Mabawa is roasted chicken wing meat.
Brochette There are lots of stalls selling Brochette and potatoes. It is eaten with Putu (hot sauce). Some people call Brochette as Nyama, it may be Swahiri influence.
Mbogo or Mfogo
Mbogo is one of the principal food in Mayotte. It is fried cassava root also called Manioc.
Mayotte foodBricapen is one of the principal food in Mayotte. It is fried or baked breadfruit.
Barabock or Kuobu
Barabock is one of the principal food in Mayotte. It is fried plantain.
Mayotte foodIt is Mayotte 's traditional pancake. Ingredients are rice, water (mix 2 days before cooking), coconut, sugar and baking powder. It is slightly sweet cake.

Cooking in Mayotte

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