The cuisine of Ethiopia - Africa

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The foods of Ethiopia

The cuisine of Ethiopia is a rich and diverse culinary tradition that reflects the country’s history, culture, and geography. Some of the most common dishes in Ethiopian cuisine are:

Injera: A sour, tangy flatbread made from teff, a gluten-free grain. Injera is used as a base, utensil, and plate for various stews, salads, and vegetables.

Wot: A spicy stew that can be made with chicken, beef, lentils, or other ingredients. Wot is seasoned with berbere, a blend of chili powder and other spices, and cooked slowly until thick and flavorful.

Shiro: A vegetarian stew made from chickpeas and broad beans, often eaten during fasting days by Orthodox Christians. Shiro is creamy, mild, and usually served with injera or bread.

Kitfo: A dish of raw or lightly cooked minced beef mixed with clarified butter and spices. Kitfo is considered a delicacy and often eaten with cheese and greens.

Tibs: A dish of sautéed meat, usually lamb or beef, with onions, peppers, and herbs. Tibs can be served hot or cold, and sometimes with awaze, a spicy sauce made from berbere and honey wine.

Ethiopian cuisine is also known for its beverages, such as tej, a fermented honey wine, tella, a traditional beer made from grains, and buna, a strong coffee served with sugar and popcorn.
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