The cuisine of Zambia - Africa

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The foods of Zambia


Freshwater fish: Bream, Nile perch and salmon from the Kafue, Luapula and Zambezi rivers.
Nshima: A stiff porridge made from ground maize – a staple eaten daily in the rural areas. A thinned down version may be eaten for breakfast with sugar and butter.
Ndiwo: A relish or sauce made from meat or fish boiled with green vegetables, usually served with nshima.
Ifisashi: Vegetarian stew of peanuts, tomatoes, spinach and cabbage, used to accompany nshima.
Samp and beans: Starchy dish made from crushed maize kernels and beans.
Biltong: Spiced, dried meat usually made from beef or game meat.
Sautéed insects: Grasshoppers, caterpillars, cicadas, flying ants and mopane worms are seasonal delicacies for rural Zambians.
Kapenta: A small sardine from Lake Tanganyika that is salted and sundried before eating.
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