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The foods of France

French cuisine has been declared a “world intangible heritage” by UNESCO.

Whether it's a simple baguette, croissant or a classic dish like steak frites (steak and fries) or Moules Marinières, a French dish from Normandy and many other regional specialties, French food always has a gourmet feel to it.
The French have always been proud of their sophisticated way of cooking.
Fertile soil provides fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, and meat, nearly year-round. The soil is also suitable for growing grapes, which are used for making some of the finest wines in the world.
Food and alcohol play important roles in French society the way a person eats often reflects their French heritage, region of birth, social status, and health.
Welcome to the cuisine of France and its Epicurien style.

Cooking in France

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