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The foods of Bonaire

The cuisine of Bonaire is built on local ingredients filtered through the historic Spanish and Dutch influences. The dishes are flavorful and well-seasoned but not chili-hot, leaning heavily on the island’s seafood and herds of goats. They’re usually served with funchi – the local equivalent of polenta – fried plantains, or rice with or without beans.
Pastechis Pastechis, The flaky little pastries, stuffed full of meats, shrimp or poultry and deep-fried until they’re crisp and golden, are the island’s universal snack. They’re available all day, everywhere you go, and they’re just the right size for a quick bite.
Guiambo is One of the signature dishes of the island, a soup made with okra and plenty of the local seafood. with a resemblance to Louisiana gumbo.

Cooking in Bonaire

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Cacio e Pepe Pasta

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