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The foods of Belize

The delicious mix of different cultural influences means that Belize is home to a sumptuous medley of seafood, fresh fruit, Caribbean classics, and savory treats.
Some of the food specialties of Belize include:
Salbutes One of Belize’s most popular snack foods, salbutes are tiny fried corn tortillas that are topped with a delicious mix of cabbage, chicken, avocado, chicken and locally-made hot sauce.
Rice and Beans, Often paired with meat, fish, and/or potato salad to create a hearty lunch or dinner.
Ceviche Fresh-caught seafood is the main ingredient of Belizean ceviche. Featuring conch, fish, or lobster
Fry Jacks: This puffy bread is a staple breakfast food across Belize and often enjoyed for lunch too. Pillowy soft bread tortillas are paired with cheese, beans, and/or meat to make a savory snack sold on street corners and in restaurants.

Cooking in Belize

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