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The foods of French-Guiana

Seafood is a centerpiece of food in French Guiana, as the colony has a coastline with access to plenty of fresh fish from the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Abundant fresh vegetables and fruit feature in the country’s main dishes, plus plenty of hot peppers and spices to add flavor, such as allspice, belimbi and cayenne, the namesake spice of the French Guyanese capital. Local chefs use these spices not only for flavor but also to add color in a dish's presentation.
French Guyanese dishes tend to mix several ingredients all in one, combining meats, produce and carbohydrates. Curry recipes and fricassees are examples, commonly seen throughout the nation.
French Guianan Cuisine or Guianan Cuisine is a mixture of French, Bushinengue, and indigenous cuisines, supplemented by influences from the cuisines of more recent immigrant groups. Common ingredients include cassava, smoked fish, and smoked chicken.

Cooking in French-Guiana

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