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Surrounded on all sides by the sea, seafood is plentiful in Jersey. Mussels and Oysters are farmed on the south-east coast, there is a turbot farm in a Second World War bunker at St Catherine, and the orange pot-markers used by lobster fishermen to mark their pots can be seen around the coast. Two types of edible crab are caught around the Island - the smooth-looking Chancre Crabs and the spiky-looking Spider Crabs.
The green ormer, or abalone (Haliotis tuberculata) is a northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean species of sea snail.
They are ‘quintessentially Jersey and Guernsey’ and have been eaten by the natives of these islands for centuries. There are many ways to prepare and eat them. see the recipes at: Ormers - Abalone Recipes

Cooking in Jersey

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