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The foods of United-Kingdom

Traditional British food / UK food but also English ‘modern’ cuisine is becoming more popular these days. While most British people eat a lot of pasta, pizza and dishes influenced by Indian and Chinese cultures – like curries and stir fries – some of the old favourites are still on the menu, even if they’re not eaten every day.

Fish ‘n’ chips Brits have been eating fish and chips since the 19th century.
Pies: There are so many different pies from around the UK: cottage pie (minced beef with a mashed potato topping), shepherd’s pie (using lamb instead of beef), steak and kidney pie made with a suet-based (beef or mutton fat) pastry case, pork pie (famously made in Melton Mowbray) which is eaten cold, and the Cornish pasty – meat, potato and vegetables wrapped up in a semi-circular pastry case which is a meal in itself. The British banger: Unlike European sausages, most British sausages (‘bangers’) are made from fresh meat rather than smoked or cured and then grilled, fried or baked. Sausages are usually made from casings filled with pork or beef and flavoured with herbs and spices and come in long ‘links’ or strings. Lancashire hotpot This stew, which originated in the north west of England, is made from mutton or lamb and vegetables, topped with sliced potatoes. It’s simple to prepare and cheap to make, but cooked long and slow so that the meat is succulent and tender

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