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The foods of United-Arab-Emirates

Among the food specialties of the United Arab Emirates are:
Hummus, baba ghanush, tabbouleh,falafel, fattoush, khoubiz.
The popular bread mohalla is eaten for breakfast with honey and date syrup. Traditional dishes include marinated and grilled kabobs of chicken, shish tawook, or lamb or beef, shish kebab, or makhbous, lamb with rice, hareis, a wheat casserole, and mashwee samak, a fish dish prepared on the grill.
Variety also dominates among the sweet dishes, so typical Arabic desserts include various baklave, also umm ali, a sweet pudding flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, and rose water, and kunafa, small pieces of dough filled with cheese flavored with jasmine syrup. Desserts also include esh asaraya, a cheesecake with whipped cream, muhalabia, a pudding with honey and pistachios, or kichk al-fuqura, a cream of almonds.
United-Arab-Emirates - See the recipes

Appetizer recipes

Potato galettes with smoked salmon and dill creme fraiche

Main recipes

Apple and oat scones with cinnamon Baked salmon fillets Baked salmon steaks with apricot-horseradish sauce Banana raisin french toast Beer-batter cod fillets Chicken noodle soup Creamed salmon casserole Crunchy battered fried fish Deep-fried cod patties Deviled chicken breasts Eggs suzette English muffins Fish and chips Kedgeree of salmon with sea asparagus Leek patties Orange glazed ham Oven barbecued chicken Oven pork chops Silver dollar pear pancakes Simple granola Steak and kidney pie The perfect roast chicken Tuna salad sandwiches Whole grain soda bread

Side dishes recipes

Apple and pork stuffing Carrot bran muffins Leek patties Marinated cauliflower Porcini mushroom gratin Spicy oven-roasted potatoes Tomato water

Dessert recipes

Apple and berry crisp Apple betty Apple blueberry crisp Apple crunch Apple pudding Banana bread Blueberry cobbler Blueberry cobbler with peaches and raspberries Blueberry-rum cobbler Chiffon mincemeat pie Chocolate cheesecake Christmas mince pies Cranberry apple cobbler Custard cream Double layer pumpkin cheesecake English apple pudding with rum sauce Fruit cobbler Gingerbread sticky toffee pudding Lemon curd Lemon rhubarb mousse Lemon squares Lemon trifle Lime curd and almond tart Mango cheesecake with vanilla cream New york-style cheesecake with chocolate crust Peach cobbler #1 Peach cobbler #2 Peach crisp Peanut butter coconut pudding Pear apple crisp Plum pudding Prune whip Raspberry-rhubarb custard tart Rhubarb and red wine jelly Rhubarb and strawberry crisp Rhubarb cobbler Rhubarb crisp Rhubarb ice cream Rhubarb strawberry trifle Simple rhubarb fool Swiss roll Trifle Triple chocolate cheesecake

Cooking in United-Arab-Emirates

United-Arab-Emirates desserts