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The foods of Israel

List of Israeli dishes
• Falafel- Deep fried ball made of ground chickpeas or fava beans
• Kubba bamia - Kubba made of semolina or rice and okra cooked in a tomato stew or soup
• Kubba seleq - Kubba Stew or Soup made of Beet
• Kebab - minced lamb, beef or chicken flavored with parsley or coriander, spices, nuts and date, pomegranate, tamarind or carob molasses
• Shashlik
• Kufta - meatballs made of minced meat, spices and herbs cooked in tomato sauce, tamarind or date molasses alongside beans, peas, vegetables, etc.
• Bamia - Okra stew cooked in hot tomato, pomegranate or tamarind sauce with onions, served with meat and rice
• Skewered Goose Liver - flavored with spices.
• Tilapia - St. Peter's fish, eaten in Israel and especially in Tiberias fried or baked spices.
• Denesse - in the coastal region is baked in the oven with yogurt, tomatoes, garlic, dried mint and cucumbers, it is also fried.
• Merguez - North African spicy sausage, mainly grilled in Israel
• Moussaka - oven-baked layer dish of a ground meat and eggplant casserole
• Shakshouka - a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin
• Schnitzel - Fried chicken with breadcrumbs or flour, in the flour version the chicken can be flavored with lemon juice, turmeric, cumin, sumac, paprika and more.
• Brik
• Ktzitzot Khubeza - a patty made of mallow, bulgur/bread crumbs, eggs, onion, olive oil
• Malawach - Big bread eaten with fresh grated tomato and skhug
• Hamin - variety of Shabbats stews
• Jakhnun - Pastry served at Shabbat morning with fresh grated tomato and skhug, eaten for breakfast especially in Shabbath
• Ziva - puff pastry topped with sesame seeds and filled with cheese and olives
• Ptitim
• Couscous
• Mujaddara - Lentil and bulgur casserole
• Orez Shu'it - white beans cooked in a tomato stew and served on rice
• Gefilte fish - such as carp, whitefish, or pike, which is typically eaten as an appetizer. It is a dish traditionally served by Ashkenazi Jewish households.
• Burgul - cooked in many ways.
• Kishka - in Israel it is available in the frozen-food section of most supermarkets.
• Macaroni Hamin - is a traditional Sephardic Jerusalemite dish originally from the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.
• Khachapuri - bread filled with eggs and cheese.
The types of Cuisines in Israel are influenced by:
The regional cuisine

Appetizer recipes

Potato latkes

Main recipes

Chickpea-broccoli burgers Falafel Fried chicken bites Latkes and smoked salmon club sandwich with dill aioli Moroccan chicken couscous

Side dishes recipes

Challah bread Grilled cauliflower with red chili zhug yogurt - black garlic - hazelnut dukah and mint salsa verde Sweet potato kugels Dessert recipes coming soon
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Cooking in Israel