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The foods of Belgium

Just as the country is divided linguistically, it’s also divided food-wise. Flemish cuisine has a strong Dutch influence, while Wallonian cooking is very similar to French foods with lots of rich sauces. Most dishes are based around meat or fish, with seafood playing an important role in Belgian cuisine
Belgian cuisine is mostly made up of different regional dishes with influences from the neighboring cuisines: French, German, and Dutch (Netherlands). There’s even this saying that Belgian food is “served in the quantity of German cuisine (which is a lot!) but with the quality of French food”.
It’s not just about the Belgian fries, waffles, and chocolates: though they are undoubtedly delicious, there’s more to the country’s national cuisine than these famous snacks like:
• 1. Mussels • 2. Fries • 3. Meatballs • 4. Flemish Stew • 5. Grey Shrimp Croquettes • 6. Waffles • 7. Eel in the green • 8. Rabbit with prunes • 9. Sausage and mash • 10. Steak tartare and martino sandwich • 11. Ham and endive in the oven • 12. Vol-au-vent • 13. Speculaas • 14. Jenever • 15. Asparagus Flemish-style
The types of Cuisines in Belgium are influenced by:

Cooking in Belgium

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