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The foods of Panama

The Panamanian food reflects the history of the country: indigenous mixed with Spanish – the conquistadors arrived way back in 1501 – topped with Afro-Caribbean influence.
The cuisine and ingredients vary depending on location. On the Caribbean side, Panamanians eat more seafood and flavor many things with coconut, while in the mountainous interior, root vegetables, pork, and poultry are more dominant.
1. Sancocho de Gallina (Chicken Stew) This is the signature dish of Panama. Slowly cooked chicken, corn, and root vegetables such as ñame, yuca, and otoe, flavored with their secret ingredient, a herb called culantro. This is a little similar in flavor to cilantro and it’s very common in Panamanian cooking.
2. Arroz con Pollo (Literally Rice with Chicken) This delicious and healthy meal is often served at parties, as it is easy to make in big quantities.
3. Hojaldre Almost every culture has some kind of fried dough recipe. The version in Panama is called hojaldre, and it’s an egg and flour based dough, normally left overnight to rise and fried fresh in the morning.
4. Tamales Tamales are typical in various countries of Latin America. The Panamanian version is corn-based dough filled with a mix of chicken, vegetables, and raisins and cooked in banana leaves.
5. Ropa Vieja Shredded beef with culantro, cumin, and black pepper makes this dish mouthwatering. It is normally serve with rice and fried plantain.
6. Arroz con Guandú (Rice with Pigeon Peas) Arroz con Guandú Panamanians eat a lot of rice, and this recipe is probably one of my favorites.
7. Carne Guisada (Beef Stew) Carne Guisada This is the Panamanian version of beef stew,
8. Patacones Patacones These double fried plantain chips are a versatile elements on any Panamanian table. From breakfast to side dish, with cheese or without, they are yummy, crunchy, and comforting.
9. Bollo de Maiz (Cooked Corn Dough) Bollo de Maiz Bollo is a simple yet tasty dish made from corn cooked in banana leaves. The flavor and texture depends on the corn: there are bollos from tender corn (bollo de maiz nuevo) for a creamier, sweeter flavor or from dried corn, where the dough is more dense and has a less sweet taste.
10. Ceviche (Raw Seafood/Fish Cocktail) Ceviche With 2,857 km of coastline, Panama is heaven for seafood lovers. Ceviche is very popular around the beaches. This refreshing seafood or fish cocktail is often served with ‘soditas’, traditional salty crackers. As well as mixed seafood, another popular ceviche in Panama is made with corvina fish.
11. Carimañola (Yuca Fritter) Carimañola Yuca (cassava) is one of the most popular root vegetables in Panama. It can be cooked or fried as a side, but it is also the key ingredient for carimañolas, a fried yuca fritter filled with minced meat or shredded chicken.
12. Bacalao con Papas (Salted Fish with Potatoes) Bacalao con Papas; Photo credit: Another gem from the Caribbean side, this dish needs to be started 24 hours before as the fish need desalting (soak it in frequently changed cold water).
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