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The foods of Georgia

Given its proximity to Russia, it might be tempting to dismiss Georgian food as heavy, stodgy and bland. But nothing could be further from the truth. As any traveller to Georgia will tell you, the country’s unique cuisine, wine culture and the ritual of the supra (Georgian feast) are all highlights.
Georgian cooking is influenced by its Persian and Turkish neighbours to the south. Georgian cooking also features loads of fresh herbs and some of the tastiest locally grown produce you’re likely to encounter anywhere in the world. .
Georgia’s most recognisable dish, khinkali, is something of a hybrid between Russian pelmeni, ravioli, and Chinese soup dumplings. .
Some of the food specialties of Georgia are: .
Badrijani nigvzit: chargrilled eggplant with a walnut paste that’s flavoured with blue fenugreek, tarragon vinegar, and dried marigold. .
Khachapuri, an open cheese pie, is one of Georgia’s more creative bread dishes. .
Kharcho is typically made with beef, plum puree and ground walnuts, which gives the sauce a complex sweet-and-sour taste and a beautiful nutty texture. .
pkhali, a vegan dish made from finely chopped beetroot, nettles, cabbage, spinach, and other leafy vegetables. Combined with crushed walnuts, garlic and fresh herbs for flavour, pkhali is like a cross between a cold salad and a dip.
Chikhirtma: Georgia’s answer to chicken soup.
Lobio: A stewed kidney beans that comes with all the trimmings – pickles, fresh spring onion, and mchadi corn bread.
The types of Cuisines in Georgia are influenced by:
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