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Untitled Document Fiji's traditional cuisine relies heavily on foods available naturally on the island. As a result, their delicious dishes are usually made from fish and seafood, coconuts, root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, cassava and breadfruit and other crop vegetables, citrus fruits and some chicken, pork and lamb.
1. Chicken Curry 2. Cauliflower and Canned Salmon 3. Sehna 4. Raita & Lassi 5.Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding) & Sonth 6.Vakalolo 7.Coconut Chutney 8. Jalebi, Lakadi & Barfi (Burfi) 9. Alu Bhindi (Okra and Potato) Curry 10. Roti 11. White Snapper in Tomato Sauce 12. Potato/Eggplant/Greenpeas 13. Chicken Palau (Pulao) 14. Kathar or Green Jackfruit 15.Bara 16. Roat (for Pooja)) 17.Murku 18. Payasam (dessert) 19.Sev 20. Chicken Liver Curry (and/or Chicken Giblet Curry) 21.Khichdi 22. Coconut Gujia 23. Suji Laddoo
The types of Cuisines in Fiji are influenced by:

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