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The foods of Bangladesh

Traditional Bangladeshi cuisine and dishes
Similar to many other countries in Asia, Curries are one of the most popular forms of Bangladeshi food. Utilising the wide range of spices, herbs, oils, meats, potatoes and aubergines available to craft complex, signature dishes. Many popular ingredients in Bangladesh are, in some way, incorporated into a curry before eating.
Bangladesh is the fourth largest producer of rice in the world and so rice is the staple of the Bangladeshi diet, accompanying most meals, especially curries. Furthermore, fish is also a staple of popular Bangladeshi food, being fused into many traditional dishes.
A wide range of fish and seafood is eaten across Bangladesh, the most popular being the national fish, hilsa, but other common fish include catfish, tilapia and rohu.
Much like Indian food, Bangladeshi cuisine is often eaten with a bread such as naan or roti.
The types of Cuisines in Bangladesh are influenced by:
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