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Niue is an island in the Southern Pacific, mostly inhabited by Polynesians.
The plantations are mostly filled with manioc, taro and breadfruit, but banana trees can be found. The wide range of exotic plants in Niue includes taros, pawpaw, coconuts, bananas, yams, cassavas and breadfruits: All are intensively used in the local cuisine.
The most significant ingredient when discussing the Niue's recipes are the fish and the vegetables. The staple ingredient is fish. Fish is consumed roasted, grilled, raw, and in soups or stews. There is a wide spectrum of edible and enjoyable fish species: tuna (ahi), dolphinfish (mahi mahi), parrot fish (pakati), barracuda (ono), coconut crabs and crayfish.
In less populated areas, people prefer to eat vegetable meals, like taro roots or manioc.
Nane Pia is one of the few food specialties of the island. It is a translucent porridge made from arrowroot and coconut, and has a thick slimy texture. The taste can be described as somewhat bland with a hint of coconut.
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The types of Cuisines in Niue are influenced by:
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Main recipes

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Meringues with ginger ice cream and chocolate sauce
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Coconut tofu fingers with spicy plum sauce Tofu

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