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The foods of Costa-Rica

Exotic fruits grow locally in the tropical environment, so there is always something to make the food exciting. Meals in Costa Rica often contain both rice and black beans, or at least one or the other.
The most traditional of Costa Rican meals, the Casado is an entire meal including white rice, beans, plantains, picadillo, salad and some type of meat (chicken, fish, pork or beef).
Gallo Pinto
Particularly popular for breakfast, the gallo pinto is a rice-and-beans dish prepared with onion, celery and other spices, sometimes accompanied with natilla or scrambled eggs.
Chifrijo is made of corn tortilla, chicharrón (fried pork) and beans. Other popular versions are pollo frito (fried chicken) and a vegetarian version: yuca frita (fried cassava).

Cooking in Costa-Rica

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