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The foods of Turkmenistan

Cuisine of Turkmenistan is the traditional food of the Turkmen people, who live in Central Asia. Turkmen cuisine is influenced by their nomadic culture, which revolves around animal husbandry, especially sheep and camel.
Therefore, meat, especially mutton and lamb, is the main ingredient of many dishes, such as shashlyk, kakmach, gowurma, and dograma. Turkmen cuisine also uses rice, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and bread as staple foods. Some of the most popular dishes in Turkmenistan are:

Palaw: a rice dish cooked with meat, carrots, onions, and sometimes dried fruits and garlic. Palaw is considered the national dish of Turkmenistan and is served on special occasions and celebrations.
Dograma: a soup made with shredded meat, onion, and pieces of dry flatbread. Dograma is an ancient dish that dates back to sacrificial rituals and rites. It is still prepared on religious holidays and weddings.
Unash: a soup with beans and hand-made noodles. Unash is a hearty and nourishing dish that is often eaten in winter2. Ichlekli: a meat pie with various fillings, such as pumpkin, spinach, cheese, or potato. Ichlekli is baked in a clay oven called tamdyr and is a common snack or appetizer.
Gutap: a fried or baked pastry with different fillings, such as meat, cheese, greens, or potato. Gutap is similar to ichlekli, but smaller and thinner. Gutap is often served with sour cream or yogurt.
Pishme: a fried doughnut-like pastry sprinkled with sugar or honey. Pishme is a popular dessert or breakfast item in Turkmenistan. Turkmen cuisine is not very spicy, but it uses salt and black pepper as seasonings. Turkmen people also enjoy various drinks, such as tea, ayran (a yogurt drink), chal (a fermented camel milk drink), and agaran (a fruit juice).
Turkmenistan is also famous for its melons, which are sweet and juicy and come in many varieties.
The types of Cuisines in Turkmenistan are influenced by:
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