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The foods of Suriname

Most Popular Suriname Dishes
Suriname’s history has had a significant impact on it’s cuisine, which has been influenced by African, Asian and European cuisines.
After slavery was abolished in the 19th century, servants from India and other parts of Asia were brought to Suriname to work on the plantations.
Surinamese cuisine is characterized by its use of fresh herbs and spices, as well as its bold and complex flavors. And a variety of street foods are popular in Suriname, such as barbecued meats, fried snacks, and fresh fruit juices. Surinamese dishes influenced by European and Jewish settlers include chicken pasty (kippenpastei), ginger bear (gemberbier), rice and chicken oven stew (popido estella) and sponge cake (ingris buru) as well as plantain and bananas
.In the Javanese Surinamese tradition, you have popular dishes like telo, saoto (chicken soup with noodles and vegetables that often can be made with a plant-based broth), nasi, and bami. Nasi is delicious fried rice that is made with ketjap (a typical Indonesian condiment), ginger, pepper, and onions
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Cooking in Suriname

Suriname desserts