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The foods of Papua-New-Guinea

The traditional diet of Papua New Guinea is largely vegetarian with the population relying heavily on taro roots, sweet potatoes and sago (a starchy substance taken from sago palms). Fruits are also considered a staple of the diet with bananas, coconuts, guavas, pineapples, watermelons, papayas and mangoes often accompanying meals
The traditional Papua New Guinean meals below are based on indigenous ingredients that have been gathered in jungles or grown in home gardens:
Chicken pot: chicken that has been simmered with mixed vegetables and coconut cream. :
Mumu: Pork is roasted in a traditional earth oven and is served with sweet potatoes, rice and vegetables. :
Kokoda Fish: Fish that has been cooked with a lime-coconut sauce. :
Kaukau: Baked sweet potato. :
Sago: The substance gathered from a sago palm is the starch used for making bread and puddings. :
Dia: Sago and bananas cooked with coconut cream.
The types of Cuisines in Papua-New-Guinea are influenced by:
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