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The foods of Maldives

the cuisine of Maldives is also known as Dhivehi cuisine. It is based on three main ingredients: coconuts, fish and starches.
Coconuts are used in various forms, such as grated, milked or oiled. Fish, especially tuna, is the main source of protein and is cooked in different ways, such as curried, smoked or dried. Starches include rice, tubers and fruits, such as taro, sweet potato, cassava, breadfruit and screwpine.
Some of the popular dishes of Maldivian cuisine are:
Garudhiya: a fragrant fish soup served with lime, rice, chilli and onions.
Mas huni: shredded smoked tuna mixed with coconut, lemon and onions. It is eaten with roshi, a chapati-like bread, for breakfast.
Mas roshi: a stuffed chapati with smoked tuna and coconut.
Bis keemiya: a pastry filled with tuna, hardboiled egg, onion and cabbage. It is similar to a samosa or a spring roll.
Mas riha: a spicy tuna curry that is the most important curry in Maldivian cuisine. It is eaten with steamed rice or roshi.
The types of Cuisines in Maldives are influenced by:
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Main recipes

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Dessert recipes

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