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The cuisine of Macedonia is influenced by Ottoman and Balkan cuisines, and it features a variety of dishes made with vegetables, herbs, fruits, dairy products, meats, and pastries. Some of the most popular and traditional dishes of North Macedonia are:
Tavče gravče: The national dish of North Macedonia, consisting of beans cooked in a clay pot with spices, onions, peppers, and sometimes smoked meat.
Pastrmajlija: A rustic bread pie topped with sliced or cubed meat (usually pork and cured mutton), eggs, hot peppers, and cheese2. It is often compared to pizza, and it is usually baked in a traditional oven at high temperature.
Zelnik: A savory pie filled with cheese, spinach, eggs, meat, leeks, or cabbage, and wrapped in thin layers of dough2. It is brushed with butter and oil before baking, and served warm with yogurt.
Tarator: A cold soup made with yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, dill, walnuts, sunflower oil, and water or ice2. It is a refreshing dish, especially in the summer months.
Baklava: A sweet pastry made with layers of filo dough, chopped nuts, and honey or syrup1. It is a common dessert in many countries that were once part of the Ottoman Empire
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