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The foods of Kosovo


Flija: A pie made of thin pancake-like layers with a yogurt filling.
Raznjici: Grilled meat cooked on a skewer.
Hajvar: A red pepper relish, served mild or spicy.
Burek: Fine pastry layers stuffed with meat, vegetables and rice.
Cevapcici: A charcoal-grilled skinless sausage made from minced meat, garlic and spices.
Sarma or japrak: Meat and rice wrapped in vine or cabbage leaves.
Pljeskavica: A flavoursome, fast-food style meat patty encased in a bun.
Vranac wine: Grown mainly in the Rahovec region southwest of Pristina, this indigenous Balkan grape is among the oldest grape varieties in the world.
Turska kafa: Turkish coffee – thick, strong and sweet.
Rakija: A strong spirit usually made from grapes.
Slivovica: A potent plum brandy.
Boza: A thick, sweet drink made from malted corn and flour.

The types of Cuisines in Kosovo are influenced by:
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Appetizer recipes

Basic hummus

Main recipes

Avgolemono - Greek egg lemon chicken soup Barbecued pork steaks Beef strogonoff Chicken salad with couscous Chickpea stew with coconut and turmeric Chickpea-broccoli burgers Cream of pumpkin soup Endives meuniere Falafel Kale tabbouleh Minestrone with cabbage and spinach Rack of lamb with mushroom crust Red pepper bisque Scrambled eggs with caviar

Side dishes recipes

Onion parmesan gratin Potato cake Potato eggplant tart Tah-dig persian saffron rice

Dessert recipes

Apple coffee cake

Cooking in Kosovo