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The foods of Kosovo


Flija: A pie made of thin pancake-like layers with a yogurt filling.
Raznjici: Grilled meat cooked on a skewer.
Hajvar: A red pepper relish, served mild or spicy.
Burek: Fine pastry layers stuffed with meat, vegetables and rice.
Cevapcici: A charcoal-grilled skinless sausage made from minced meat, garlic and spices.
Sarma or japrak: Meat and rice wrapped in vine or cabbage leaves.
Pljeskavica: A flavoursome, fast-food style meat patty encased in a bun.
Vranac wine: Grown mainly in the Rahovec region southwest of Pristina, this indigenous Balkan grape is among the oldest grape varieties in the world.
Turska kafa: Turkish coffee – thick, strong and sweet.
Rakija: A strong spirit usually made from grapes.
Slivovica: A potent plum brandy.
Boza: A thick, sweet drink made from malted corn and flour.

Cooking in Kosovo

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