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The foods of Jordan

The cuisine of Jordan is a part of the Levantine cuisine, which is influenced by the cultures and traditions of the Middle East, North Africa, Persia, and the Mediterranean.

Some of the common ingredients in Jordanian dishes are bread, rice, lamb, olives, olive oil, za’atar, yoghurt, tahini, garlic, onions, pickles, sage, and mint.
Some of the popular Jordanian dishes are:
Falafel: deep-fried balls or patties made from ground chickpeas and spices, often served with bread, salad, and sauces
Moutabel: a roasted eggplant dip with yoghurt, tahini, garlic, and lemon juice
Mansaf: the national dish of Jordan, consisting of lamb cooked in jameed (dried yoghurt) and served over rice with bread and pine nuts
Zarb: a Bedouin specialty of meat and vegetables cooked in a submerged oven called a taboon
Baklava: a sweet pastry made of layers of filo dough filled with nuts and soaked in honey or syrup
The types of Cuisines in Jordan are influenced by:
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