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The foods of Guadeloupe

National Dish of Guadeloupe: Porc Colombo The seasoned pork is stewed with green pepper, chopped onion, garlic, sweet potato, diced tomato, and spicy seasoning peppers.
Savoury food.
• Fish cooked with lime juice on a barbecue (Vivaneau, shark, marlin) .
• Lobster and ouassou (a kind of springwater shrimp) .
• Stuffed earthly crabs.
• Chicken or lamb cari (dish based on massala) .
• Calalou (mashed vegetables) .
• Féroce (mixture of cod and “avocat”) .
• Bébélé (traditional dish in Marie-Galante inspired by African tradition)

Cooking in Guadeloupe

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