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The foods of Greenland

Meat from marine mammals, game, birds and fish has been the main ingredient in Greenlandic food for generations.
The nearby sea offers an impressive bounty of diverse fish species and Arctic mammals from which much of Greenlandic food is derived.
With harsh climates, practically no trees, near-barren land and 2.1 million square kilometers covered in glacial ice, traditional Greenlandic cuisine has been shaped by dire environmental conditions and lack of easy access.
The national dish of Greenland is suaasat, a traditional Greenlandic soup. It is often made from seal, or from whale, reindeer, or seabirds.
From whale meat and blubber to seal, muskox, and eider duck, sifting through traditional Greenlandic cuisine might feel like running down an endangered species list and is no doubt a challenge for vegans.

Cooking in Greenland

Greenland desserts

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