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The foods of Bahamas

The Bahamas has a great tradition of delicious local dishes, featuring ingredients like guava, rock lobster and conch.
Bahamian cuisine is influenced by the dishes and cooking style of the American South, which is evident in the side dishes and seasoning used.
Grits are common, as is a considerable amount of spice. There are some elements of Bahamian cuisine that are similar to cuisine throughout the Caribbean, such as fresh seafood, peas n’ rice, and some that are unique to the islands of The Bahamas.
SEAFOOD particularly Conch, pronounced “konk,” and Rock Lobster are the a major component of Bahamian cuisine. The beautiful waters surrounding the islands have provided the residents of The Bahamas with a bounty of fresh seafood and shellfish for generations. Conch is a local staple and the national dish of The Bahamas. This mollusk with its beautiful shell is found throughout regional waters and its meat is prepared in a variety of ways.
At Arawak Cay (also known as The Fish Fry), you can watch conch salad being artfully prepared, and try conch fritters or cracked conch, battered and deep-fried conch meat seasoned to perfection. Another popular preparation of this unique seafood is conch chowder, a tomato-based soup with conch that is stewed until the meat is succulently tender.
Rock Lobster the spiny, clawless lobster is often served broiled, or minced up in salads. Fresh fish is very prominent in Bahamian cuisine, and dishes like fried snapper or grouper served with grits, or peas and rice, are very common.

Cooking in Bahamas

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