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The foods of Bosnia-and-Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina, also known as Bosnia, is a country (located at the crossroads of south and southeast Europe) situated in the Balkans.
The country is surrounded by Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia.
It is nicknamed the “Heart Shaped Land” because of the country’s little heart shape. The country is packed with lovely lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of three ethnic “constituent peoples”, also known as Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats. There are also some smaller groups including, Jews and Roma.

The country’s cuisine is influenced by both Western and Eastern culinary traditions.
The cuisine of Bosnia and Herzegovina is influenced by Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Balkan cuisines.
It uses many spices, but usually in moderate quantities.
Some of the most popular dishes in Bosnia and Herzegovina are:

Ćevapi: small grilled minced meat links made of lamb and beef mix; served with onions, kajmak, ajvar and Bosnian pita bread (somun).
Burek: a meat-filled flaky pastry, traditionally rolled in a spiral and cut into sections for serving. The same dish filled with cottage cheese is called sirnica, one with spinach and cheese zeljanica, one with squash/ zucchini called tikvenjača, and one with potatoes krompiruša.
Begova Čorba: a soup made of chicken and vegetables, served in a clay pot with sour cream.
Dolma: vegetables such as eggplants, zucchini or bell peppers stuffed with minced meat and rice, cooked in a stew.
Bosanski Lonac: a stew made of alternating layers of vegetables and meat, cooked for hours in a broth.
Bosnian cuisine also includes various types of cheeses, breads, desserts, and drinks.
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Cooking in Bosnia-and-Herzegovina

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