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The foods of Brunei-Darussalam

The cuisine of Brunei is heavily influenced by its neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, as well as India, China, Thailand and Japan. Being a predominately Islamic country, food is halal and pork is avoided. Alcohol is also banned in Brunei. Food in Brunei is often spicy and meals are usually accompanied by either rice or noodles.
Popular dishes in Brunei include:
Beef Rendang: slow cooked beef in lemongrass and coconut sauce.
Nasi Lemak: a rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves - usually served for breakfast. Nasi Lemak can be served with many side dishes ie. eggs, chicken, beets, roasted peanuts or vegetables.
Udang Sambal Serai Bersantan: prawns cooked with chili and coconut milk.
Serongeng Padang: chicken fried with garlic and wrapped in pandan leaves.
Ambuyat: a sticky ball of flavourless sago starch wrapped in a bamboo fork and dipped in sour fruit sauce.
Air Batu Campur: also known as ABC - a dessert/drink combining ice with sago pearls, red beans, noodles and grass jelly.
The types of Cuisines in Brunei-Darussalam are influenced by:
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Main recipes

Brown rice and chicken stir fry with edamame and walnuts Oriental lemon chicken Spicy peanut chicken Tomato stack salad Side dishes recipes coming soon

Dessert recipes

Meringues with ginger ice cream and chocolate sauce

Cooking in Brunei-Darussalam

Brunei-Darussalam desserts